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Upcoming CIVTA Meetings in 2018

January 31st - Dr. Tom Riegel “Osteoarthritis”

February 28th - Dr. Rachel Allbaugh “Common Ophtho Mistakes Made in General Practice”

March 28th - Dr. Nancy Peterson “Veterinary Rehab” *meeting hosted at Pawsitive strides in Des Moines

April 25th - Lisa Foster RVT, VTS ECC “Endocrine Emergencies”

May 30th - Dr. Todd McCracken “Why Everyone Should be Uptight About the Bite!”

June 27th - Dr. Joyce Carnevale “Dog Brains: How they think, how to use this to improve enrichment in a clinical setting”

July 25th - Carrie Schwake RVT, VTS SAIM “IM Procedures”

August 29th - Dr. Ryan Breuer “Food Animal Vaccines/Protocols”

September 26th - Stacie Madson-Whittaker RVT, VTS (Anes/Analgesia) “Anesthesia Refresher for General Practice”

Other Upcoming Events

We regret to say that there will not be an annual fall conference for 2018.  We are looking into either an extra monthly meeting for October or a smaller "wet lab" type meeting for 2-3 hours of CE.  Stay tuned!

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