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Upcoming CIVTA Meetings in 2019

January 30th - Dr. Shelley Chi "Understanding Pain" - Cancelled due to weather

February 27th - Michelle Conkling, MWI - "Instrument Care"

March 27th - Lori Moran, RVT/VTS "ECG Refresher"

April 24th - Dr. Shelley Chi "Understanding Pain"

May 29th - Dr. Brian Petrovsky "Bandaging"

June 26th - Dr. Katie Cooley "Neonatal Treatment Challenges"

July 31st - TBD

August 28th - Dr. Jean Sebastien Palereme "Common Labwork Errors"

September 25th - TBD

October  - TBD

Other Upcoming Events

We regret to say that there will not be an annual fall conference until further notice.  We are looking into either an extra monthly meeting for October or a smaller "wet lab" type meeting for 2-3 hours of CE.  Stay tuned!

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